Shut Up and Play the Hits (Will Lovelace, Dylan Southern, 2012)

One of my more noteworthy moments of 2012 occurred when I went to see this on the night it played in a bunch of theaters across the country.

My friends and I had “some” wine and were enjoying ourselves immensely despite the fact that everyone at the Charleston showing seemed to have taken an Ambien and maybe a ‘lude or three before the movie, because NO ONE WAS MOVING (like, not even nodding their heads) during the song parts (THERE WERE MANY because it was mostly a CONCERT FILM and also LCD Soundsystem is a DANCE BAND).

During one of the scenes in which Chuck Klosterman managed to allow the discussion to veer away from himself, I started *quietly* snickering as James Murphy began to pretentiously pontificate about the grave importance of LCD Soundsystem (who I love and think are fun as hell, but let us not deem them the new fucking Beatles or whatever), and the guy next to me turned toward me and hissed, “What’s so fucking funny?”

I was blindsided; a stranger… cursing at me… crowded theater… in the middle of the friggin LCD SOUNDSYSTEM movie?!?!

The stun had not yet worn off when, not even 10 seconds later, the guy turned to me again and whispered, “I am so sorry…I shouldn’t have said that.” It seemed prudent at this point to explain myself, so I said, “He’s being ridiculous and it’s funny. Sheesh.” (I actually said “sheesh” out loud, which should perhaps offer a clue as to how much [“some”] wine had flowed down my gullet at this point.)

Anyway, that crying kid in the movie was awesome. And the jerkface next to me shot out of his seat like someone lit a bottle rocket in his ass the very second the credits came up. It was fucking funny.

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